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3 key technological solutions you should have as a restaurant

Every few years, technology disrupts an industry. It brings about unpredictable change and a new wave of consumer demand. Traditional industries have no other option but to adjust to the change. And there is no exception when it comes to the restaurant business.

As restaurants, we have gotten used to a specific way of conducting business. We attract clients through the quality of our consumables and service. We bond with our key clientele and appease and indulge them as much as possible. We give them sufficient motivation to come back to our establishment. When competition strikes, we upgrade our offering. We compete on price. In short, we can predict what would happen and adjust accordingly.

Today, with the infiltration of technology, life has become increasingly fast. The attention span of customers has decreased and everyone is seemingly impatient. As a result, we as restaurants need to take an additional step forward to compete. We have put together a few key technological aspects that the modern restaurant should integrate.

Smartphones or Tablets for ordering

Smartphones or tablets are increasingly being used for ordering and payment solutions. They offer three advantages – speed of ordering, reliability and convenience. In addition, they cater to the millennials and the current generation. Furthermore, waiters can avoid the trouble of memorizing an extensive array of options and leave it to the gadget.

Partnershipswith online reservation service providers

The concept of calling up a restaurant to reserve a table is long gone. Today we prefer the convenience of a website or an app. Service providers such as TripAdvisor, Yelp etc. have revolutionalized the concept of one-click online reservations. Additionally, they provide customer reviews of restaurants which is absolutely essential for the modern restaurant to attract new clientele.

Payment solution compatibility

At the least, your restaurant needs to support PayPal or an equivalent payment solutions provider. While it has been visible for a while that people don’t prefer to use cash, even credit cards are being replaced in today’s world. PayPal remains the leading online payment processor in most parts of the world, although there are other key players as well such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Ensure that you form partnerships with such companies.

The suggestions in this post aren’t really breakthrough. They have been adopted since the last decade. However, the majority of good restaurants remain imperviously blind to the effects of technology. It is about time that they understand the reality of today.