featured10 - Turners supports these 4 impactful charities against global hunger

Turners supports these 4 impactful charities against global hunger

Like every other company or organization that spend resources on charity, we do so too. The mission statement of Turners is to make delicious and nutritious food accessible and affordable to everyone. In line with that statement, we have been supporting a lot of great charities over the years that work in this field. We list down some of the key partners we invest in.

Action against hunger

Action against hunger is probably our most high-profile partner. A lot of you would have heard of them. They are a global organization fighting world hunger from multiple dimensions, such as relief, food security, sanitation, hygiene and emergency response. Their key operations remain in Africa, which is the continent with the most cases of child malnutrition per capita, and the Middle-East, which has been ravaged by war over the last decade.


Mealshare focusses on youth hunger. They have a unique operational model, in that they don’t come to you on the streets directly and pitch their propaganda. They partner up with restaurants and place their logo next to a few items in the restaurant menus. When a customer orders an item that has the logo adjacent to it, an additional unit of that item is donated to mealshare. The customer and the restaurant pitch in for that additional unit.

The Felix Project

With an annual wastage totaling more than 10 million tonnes, the UK has one of the worst cases of food wastage globally. The Felix Project is an organization that focuses its attention on this particular issue. They divert the food supplies that are to be throw away and prepare meals for the underprivileged. They have connections with suppliers who direct such food supplies to their organization.

Feeding America

Feeding America has been active for a number of years and have impacted many lives, yet they have faced a major issue. The food served is not even remotely nutritious and healthy. Te organization has been taking measures to create the 21st century food bank, wherein they serve whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables in their pantries and soup kitchens. Turners is funding this aspect of their operation as we want not just the affordability of junk food, but that of nutritious food too.

If you are keen to support any of these amazing organizations, we really recommend checking out their mission statements and operations. Once you’re satisfied with their value proposition, go ahead and donate!

info4 - Turners supports these 4 impactful charities against global hunger

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