Like every other restaurant or hotel chain, we have a constant pool of events that cater to different customer profiles. The events cover live concerts, food tasting, wine tasting and talk shows. The events are periodic and we have partnerships with the entertainers and guests who host them.

Live concerts

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Our live concerts happen every 2nd Tuesday of the month at our main stage. The music on offer can be classical, blues or jazz. We generally strive to get locally or nationally accomplished artists for such concerts. Prior artists have included the famous jazz fusion artist John McLaughlin and local classical music composer Mark-Anthony Turnage.

Food and wine tasting

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As we are an establishment that constantly aims to innovate and diversify our menus, events such as food tasting and wine tasting help us gather customer feedback on new recipes. We hold these on a bi-weekly basis and invite a group of regular clients that are selected randomly from our overall list of repeat clients.

Such events have led to the birth of some of our best-acclaimed recipes such as the Mango-Salmon appetizer with sweet and sour sauce, and the introduction of the globally rated Château CoutetBarsac to our wine list.

Talk shows

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Once in two or three months, we like to spice it up by hosting national talk show personalities or comedians. The theme of such events is.. yes you guessed it…food! Comedians such as Richard Ayaode, Lee Mack and Trevor Noah have graced our establishment previously.

We also invite recommendations from our clientele. If you have a favorite artist or comedian that you would like to see perform here at Turners, let us know!