featured5 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

United Kingdom and food. They have really never gone together. Without putting too fine a point on it, Britain has historically always been a tad too conservative when it comes to experimenting with food ingredients. Pie, fish and chips, tea, sausage… that’s all that we can think of when we think of British food.

Only post the colonial era has Britain welcomed a bit more flavor to its shores, starting obviously with Indian food. Today British food is known for its intensity and rich flavor. It helped them that people fled to Britain from a lot of their old colonies and brought novel ideas on how to blend their native cuisine with traditional British cuisine. And ever since, the trend of culinary diversification has never look back.

At Turners, we are fascinated with the recent trends in food perception and consumption in Britain. We are an innovator when it comes to food, and infamous for not having a single item in our menu that is 100% local. We have picked some of these trends that are dominating the landscape here.

Japanese beyond Sushi

11 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

Japanese food is known for its healthy aspect. Global favorites such as Miso, sashimi, sushi and noodle soups are protein-rich and healthy. In Britain, we have increasingly started following the trend set by the US in that we are going for more varieties of Japanese food, especially the indulgent ones. Izakaya, tempura and stir-fried chicken are just some examples of the delicious side of Japanese food that we are going for nowadays.

African fever

12 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

Not like it sounds. African cuisine is picking up, with Ikoyi and Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen expanding in London. South African food is also becoming increasingly popular, with great choices such as Bobotie and Braaivleis. And the revolution doesn’t end with just the food. South Africa is a famous wine destination, consisting of miles and miles of sprawling and scenic vineyards. The wine is equally to die for.

Plant-based and vegan diets has gone beyond hippie

13 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

Till a few years back, there was a visible hippie trend to opt for vegan diets. That trend has surpassed such hippies. The wave of organic food consumption has led to people growing plant based proteins and opting for a seemingly healthier vegan diet. And when we say vegan, we don’t mean the tasteless and bland type. Mashed pies, quinoa hash browns, Portobello burgers that taste meaty… not half as bad!

We are eager to see the awareness increase with such trends on the rise. Restaurants such as ours can only benefit when the entire British population adopt a progressive nature when it comes to food. Do you think we are adopting to the national trends? Check our menu below and let us know!


featured1 - 9 best-sellers in our fixed yet unpredictable menu

9 best-sellers in our fixed yet unpredictable menu

There are two things that attract us to a food establishment – the menu and the price. Turners has always focused on the act of balancing the two in such a way that we remain the premier establishment for innovative recipes while pricing ourselves in the mid-to-high range.

With that in mind, we have a menu that remains predominantly fixed. The item names and prices don’t fluctuate as much, however we prepare each item in a slightly different manner each day by varying one or two ingredients to maintain our unpredictability. The idea is to provide varying flavors to our customers and keep them hooked.


1 - 9 best-sellers in our fixed yet unpredictable menu

We aim to bring flavor and intensity to a small portion of food in order to make you always desire for more. Unlike other establishments, we believe that appetizers should be richly diverse in nutrients and just about calorie-heavy to fill you up till the main course arrives.

Smoked Salmon with walnuts and sesame sauce
Baby spinach and potato roasted in pine sauce


Main course

2 - 9 best-sellers in our fixed yet unpredictable menu

This is where we bring Richard’s visions to life. With main courses, we spilt them into two categories and keep each portions smaller than the traditional equivalents. The idea is to perform as many permutations and combinations as possible to give you an overwhelming culinary experience.

Main course 1

Roasted beef with tomato puree and anchovies, seasoned with Gochujang sauce

Pork balls with Thai Chili sauce

Main course 2

Schweinshaxe, served with fragrant rice and roasted brinjals

Vegetable biriyani with cashews, walnuts and fried paneer cubes



3 - 9 best-sellers in our fixed yet unpredictable menu

Once you have experienced a world of sweet, sour, bitter and spicy flavors, we bring to you a great selection of desserts, customized to the level of sugar and dairy that you prefer. Recommendation is available upon request as to which dessert blends in with the main course selection that you had earlier opted for.

Chocolate Mousse with strawberry sauce

Sticky rice with Alphonso mangoes

Lemon and custard tarts with blueberries