Here are 4 reasons why you should adopt a vegan diet

As a meat eater, it is hard to envision life as a vegan or vegetarian. Some of the tastiest delicacies around contain animal-based protein and fats. Imagine if you had to quit eating bacon or cheeseburgers!We present a case to you to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet, although not necessarily on a full-time basis.

Before we get into it, let us assess the obvious. Red meat consumption is on the rise. It is well known that excess red meat consumption can lead to type 2 diabetes, coronary heart diseases and even certain types of cancer. Despite knowing these inherent risks and disadvantages associated with red meat consumption, it has showed no slowing down.

On that note, we look at vegan or vegetarian food. It hold mostly none of the risks associated with red meat, and it has been proven to be healthier than even lean white meat such as chicken breast, salmon and tuna. And it seems like people have recognized this. In the United Kingdom alone, there was a 987% increase in demand for vegetarian food in 2017. Let us assess the positive impact of such a diet on our health.

Lesser risk of diabetes

21 - Here are 4 reasons why you should adopt a vegan diet

This is probably the elephant in the room. Type 2 diabetes, which results mostly from excessive red meat consumption and cholesterol level increase, is mostly avoided when you stick to a vegan diet. You also end up with a healthier body weight and BMI as you consume a lot of essential minerals and vitamins in a plant based diet.

Avoiding heart disease

22 - Here are 4 reasons why you should adopt a vegan diet

It is not a certainty, however vegetarians or vegans are definitely less likely to contract cardiac arrests or other related diseases. There is a catch here. Even with a vegetarian diet, chances of such diseases are high if you excessively consume soluble carbohydrates like potato, white rice, flour etc. Insoluble fiber such as cereals and legumes reduce blood sugar levels and lead to a healthy heart.

Less risk of cataract??

23 - Here are 4 reasons why you should adopt a vegan diet

This one is less known. Studies have shown that vegetarians have a lesser likelihood of contracting cataract formation as compared to meat eaters. The reason is due to the increased presence of certain compounds such as Vitamin C in vegetarian diets, that prevent cataract formation

Easier digestion

24 - Here are 4 reasons why you should adopt a vegan diet

Vegetarian diets, especially vegan ones, contain enzymes that aid faster digestion. Vegan diet contains a lot of raw food, which are favorable hosts for such enzymes. As a result, there is a lower risk of digestion disorders.

These are just some of the multitude of reasons why adopting a vegan or a vegetarian diet is beneficial for you in the long term. You can begin by reducing the intake of red meat and work upwards. At Turners, we have a lot of delicious plant based options which we encourage you to experience.

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