featured10 - Turners supports these 4 impactful charities against global hunger

Turners supports these 4 impactful charities against global hunger

Like every other company or organization that spend resources on charity, we do so too. The mission statement of Turners is to make delicious and nutritious food accessible and affordable to everyone. In line with that statement, we have been supporting a lot of great charities over the years that work in this field. We list down some of the key partners we invest in.

Action against hunger

Action against hunger is probably our most high-profile partner. A lot of you would have heard of them. They are a global organization fighting world hunger from multiple dimensions, such as relief, food security, sanitation, hygiene and emergency response. Their key operations remain in Africa, which is the continent with the most cases of child malnutrition per capita, and the Middle-East, which has been ravaged by war over the last decade.


Mealshare focusses on youth hunger. They have a unique operational model, in that they don’t come to you on the streets directly and pitch their propaganda. They partner up with restaurants and place their logo next to a few items in the restaurant menus. When a customer orders an item that has the logo adjacent to it, an additional unit of that item is donated to mealshare. The customer and the restaurant pitch in for that additional unit.

The Felix Project

With an annual wastage totaling more than 10 million tonnes, the UK has one of the worst cases of food wastage globally. The Felix Project is an organization that focuses its attention on this particular issue. They divert the food supplies that are to be throw away and prepare meals for the underprivileged. They have connections with suppliers who direct such food supplies to their organization.

Feeding America

Feeding America has been active for a number of years and have impacted many lives, yet they have faced a major issue. The food served is not even remotely nutritious and healthy. Te organization has been taking measures to create the 21st century food bank, wherein they serve whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables in their pantries and soup kitchens. Turners is funding this aspect of their operation as we want not just the affordability of junk food, but that of nutritious food too.

If you are keen to support any of these amazing organizations, we really recommend checking out their mission statements and operations. Once you’re satisfied with their value proposition, go ahead and donate!

info4 - Turners supports these 4 impactful charities against global hunger

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featured9 - 3 key technological solutions you should have as a restaurant

3 key technological solutions you should have as a restaurant

Every few years, technology disrupts an industry. It brings about unpredictable change and a new wave of consumer demand. Traditional industries have no other option but to adjust to the change. And there is no exception when it comes to the restaurant business.

As restaurants, we have gotten used to a specific way of conducting business. We attract clients through the quality of our consumables and service. We bond with our key clientele and appease and indulge them as much as possible. We give them sufficient motivation to come back to our establishment. When competition strikes, we upgrade our offering. We compete on price. In short, we can predict what would happen and adjust accordingly.

Today, with the infiltration of technology, life has become increasingly fast. The attention span of customers has decreased and everyone is seemingly impatient. As a result, we as restaurants need to take an additional step forward to compete. We have put together a few key technological aspects that the modern restaurant should integrate.

Smartphones or Tablets for ordering

Smartphones or tablets are increasingly being used for ordering and payment solutions. They offer three advantages – speed of ordering, reliability and convenience. In addition, they cater to the millennials and the current generation. Furthermore, waiters can avoid the trouble of memorizing an extensive array of options and leave it to the gadget.

Partnershipswith online reservation service providers

The concept of calling up a restaurant to reserve a table is long gone. Today we prefer the convenience of a website or an app. Service providers such as TripAdvisor, Yelp etc. have revolutionalized the concept of one-click online reservations. Additionally, they provide customer reviews of restaurants which is absolutely essential for the modern restaurant to attract new clientele.

Payment solution compatibility

At the least, your restaurant needs to support PayPal or an equivalent payment solutions provider. While it has been visible for a while that people don’t prefer to use cash, even credit cards are being replaced in today’s world. PayPal remains the leading online payment processor in most parts of the world, although there are other key players as well such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Ensure that you form partnerships with such companies.

The suggestions in this post aren’t really breakthrough. They have been adopted since the last decade. However, the majority of good restaurants remain imperviously blind to the effects of technology. It is about time that they understand the reality of today.

featured7 - How Instagram has altered our perception of food

How Instagram has altered our perception of food

The restaurant business has always been fueled by word-of-mouth marketing. As much as you can describe a dish of food, one can only assess when one has experienced said dish. This marketing is mostly impulsive. When and if you are impressed with the quality of food or service at a particular restaurant, you feel compelled to tell your friends and family about it. Till now, that is.

We often hear about how social media is shaking up different industries. Our means of communication, gathering information and validating information is nowadays entirely through the digital medium. You can find a chiropractor in downey and have their ratings instantly. The same for food, you may want to see what it looks like before you show up.

Instagram is one of the key digital media that many of us use. Instagram is leading a revolution on how food is perceived and restaurants chosen. People take photos of what they eat and post it on Instagram, partly to impress others and partly to spread the message.

The Instagram snaps market themselves. In fact the adjective “Instagrammable” is increasingly being used to classify food. And it is not just the food, but also the décor and general hygiene in the vicinity. Restaurants have to ensure that their establishments are customer friendly and clean so as to avoid any unwanted digital attention. They aren’t complaining though. With Instagram, they have an additional media to generate organic marketing without exhausting any resources.

Furthermore, new concepts are arising and spreading due to Instagram. All you need to take a decision on whether to introduce a recipe in your restaurant today is to look at the response online. If a particular dish or ingredient generates substantial likes/comments in Instagram, the product fit has already been validated. Even the farm-to-table concept has been aided by food travel bloggers posting content in social media.

All these change in perceptions are good for the end user. However, there are disadvantages. Restaurants have become increasingly vain.The arrangement of food on a plate is seemingly more important than preparing the perfect dish. The use of ingredients in such a way as to make the plate more colorful is yet another obsessive need that is entirely irrelevant to food quality.

At the end of the day, we are aware that Instagram exerts pressure on the Restaurant industry. However, it is important to remember that it is not the sole deciding factor behind customer acquisition. Other digital media such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp etc. and old school offline marketing also influence customer decision making. And those platforms focus more on product and service quality than just vanity.

info3 - How Instagram has altered our perception of food

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featured5 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

United Kingdom and food. They have really never gone together. Without putting too fine a point on it, Britain has historically always been a tad too conservative when it comes to experimenting with food ingredients. Pie, fish and chips, tea, sausage… that’s all that we can think of when we think of British food.

Only post the colonial era has Britain welcomed a bit more flavor to its shores, starting obviously with Indian food. Today British food is known for its intensity and rich flavor. It helped them that people fled to Britain from a lot of their old colonies and brought novel ideas on how to blend their native cuisine with traditional British cuisine. And ever since, the trend of culinary diversification has never look back.

At Turners, we are fascinated with the recent trends in food perception and consumption in Britain. We are an innovator when it comes to food, and infamous for not having a single item in our menu that is 100% local. We have picked some of these trends that are dominating the landscape here.

Japanese beyond Sushi

11 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

Japanese food is known for its healthy aspect. Global favorites such as Miso, sashimi, sushi and noodle soups are protein-rich and healthy. In Britain, we have increasingly started following the trend set by the US in that we are going for more varieties of Japanese food, especially the indulgent ones. Izakaya, tempura and stir-fried chicken are just some examples of the delicious side of Japanese food that we are going for nowadays.

African fever

12 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

Not like it sounds. African cuisine is picking up, with Ikoyi and Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen expanding in London. South African food is also becoming increasingly popular, with great choices such as Bobotie and Braaivleis. And the revolution doesn’t end with just the food. South Africa is a famous wine destination, consisting of miles and miles of sprawling and scenic vineyards. The wine is equally to die for.

Plant-based and vegan diets has gone beyond hippie

13 - 3 emerging food trends in the UK restaurant scene

Till a few years back, there was a visible hippie trend to opt for vegan diets. That trend has surpassed such hippies. The wave of organic food consumption has led to people growing plant based proteins and opting for a seemingly healthier vegan diet. And when we say vegan, we don’t mean the tasteless and bland type. Mashed pies, quinoa hash browns, Portobello burgers that taste meaty… not half as bad!

We are eager to see the awareness increase with such trends on the rise. Restaurants such as ours can only benefit when the entire British population adopt a progressive nature when it comes to food. Do you think we are adopting to the national trends? Check our menu below and let us know!


featured3 - 4 challenges facing restaurant entrepreneurs today

4 challenges facing restaurant entrepreneurs today

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. Any kind of entrepreneur. One of the things that help today’s entrepreneurs is the availability and accessibility to technology that enables them to create products or services that have a clear differentiation. The differentiation allows them to get traction slightly easier and also to create entry barriers.

When it comes to the food and restaurant industry, scope for differentiation is quite minimal. Food is a commodity, whether you like it or not. If you don’t have a clear passion for food that drives you to do extensive research to find out gaps in the market or client pain points, you will never find a niche that you can exploit. With that in mind, we bring to you some of the vital challenges facing entrepreneurs in this industry today.

Location location location

We can never stress enough how important location is to a restaurant business. And you would know a good location from its price. A great location warrants higher demand, and subsequently a higher price point. It is basic economics. If you are not buried in wealth, chances are that you need to do vast research to land upon a bargain.

It is never just about the product and/or service

The great thing about any business is that it is predictable for the most of it. You provide a superior product, better service or varying combinations of both, and you are guaranteed success. When it comes to restaurants, unfortunately that is not the case. Beyong offering good food and quality service, you have to be wary of seemingly inconsequential things such as the street in front of you, passenger traffic, decorations and so on.

Financing opportunities

Financing opportunities are quintessential for any business, especially for one as capital intensive as restaurants. Due to their inherent risk, obtaining public loans or private capital to start a restaurant is going to be difficult. You need a comprehensive business plan, connections and vast market research, on top of your own individual experience, to prove your ability to establish a sustainable business.

Seasonal fluctuations

It is frustrating that this business is extremely seasonal. Passenger traffic can vary not just by time of the year, but also within a single day. As a result, labor becomes an issue. You need to strike the perfect balance between full-time and part-time staff. Furthermore, you need to consider also healthcare insurance costs for all staff, regardless of their contract type. It requires an effective data management system and capable analysts to determine with accuracy seasonality in demand.

This post is not meant to be discouraging, but to strike caution into the hearts of aspiring entrepreneurs. As long as you are determined and willing to get your hands dirty, we do believe that it is possible to achieve success in your endeavor. Talk to as many successful restaurant owners as possible and learn the mistakes they made, so that you can avoid them.