featured11 - 3 amazing wine destinations you never knew

3 amazing wine destinations you never knew

There are nations that are known for their scenic and abundant vineyards. Naturally you would think of major exporters such as Bordeaux (France), Hunter valley (Sydney) or Napa Valley (US). There are certain regions that produce great wine and yet remain a mystery to the wine enthusiast.

At Turners, we look for our wine suppliers globally. We spend a lot of resources to conduct research on the countries and vineyards that we source our wines from. And we try to look beyond the obvious cases such as France, Italy, Spain or South Africa. In that journey, we have discovered certain gems that are not so recognized. Check out our wine list at http://www.turnersrestaurantbirmingham.co.uk/wine-list.html

Meknès, Morocco

31 - 3 amazing wine destinations you never knew

Don’t be fooled by the perceived conservatism and low alcohol tolerance in Morocco. It was a French colony in the not so distant past. Meknes has sprawling territories of vineyards and has been producing wine for a long time. After all, the Mediterranean nations are blessed with tropical, dry and sunny weather, which is ideal for harvesting grapes.

Kakheti, Georgia

32 - 3 amazing wine destinations you never knew

A piece of trivia. Georgia is perhaps the oldest winemaking nation in the world. Researchers have found evidence of vineyards from 6000 BC. They have a unique way to manufacturing the wine, in that they use the entire grape and also store the wine in clay vessels called qvevri. This adds a unique taste to the wines. Kakheti is a prime example of a traditional old-school city whose economy depends on its local families that own acres of vineyards.

Campo de Borja, Spain

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There is never a wine producer list without one of Spain’s tiny gems. Campo de Borja is located in the province of Zaragoza. Just going there and looking at the scenic mix of vineyards, mountains and the sun is a beauty to behold. The region is famous for its Garnacha grapes.

Elqui valley, Chile

34 - 3 amazing wine destinations you never knew

Chile as a nation is one of top wine exporters. Elqui valley is not the first wine region in Chile that springs to mind. The valley is located at one end of the Atacama desert and is famous for its Syrah grape. Our friends and suppliers at Elqui valley have known us for decades, and the region remains our largest supplier here at Turners.

Just exploring the wine regions of the world is gratifying. If you are a wine enthusiast, don’t limit yourself to the big names. Go beyond the Frances and Spains of the world and find hidden gems that were previously unexplored. Wine exporting remains a lucrative business.

featured4 - Did you know these 4 health benefits of wine!

Did you know these 4 health benefits of wine!

If I told you an alcoholic beverage has positive advantages for your health, you would most likely laugh at me. Well, you would be pleasantly surprised that I was not joking. Researchers have found a lot of health benefits from consuming wine, albeit in moderate proportions. This has been validated by scientific studies.

One of the alcoholic beverages that can substantially more health benefits than others is wine. The key reason behind this is that wine is a naturally fermented product. It can thus be compared to other products such as yogurt and pickles that are known to improve the amount of “good bacteria” in our bodies. Let us look at some of the health benefits. Remember, of course, that the amount should be moderate to realize the effects.


Wine drinkers, for example, enjoy longer mortality than drinkers of other alcoholic beverages. And this is particularly true when you take the case of red wine enthusiasts. The reason being that red wine contains procyanidins which shield us against cardiac diseases. These compounds are found in a lot of fruits, including the common grape. Apples contain high amounts if procyanidins, which is the reason behind the well-known phrase – An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Anti-ageing and anti-cancer

While there are definitely some truths on this regard, studies have been inconsistent. Nevertheless, what is known for certain is that red grapes consist of a compound called Resveratrol, that releases anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are well known to us as they eliminate the free radicals that age cells and cause malignant cells.

Blood sugar levels

Drinking a modicum of wine after your meal seems to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. It reduces glucose tolerance on certain type of people, according to clinical trials. Note that this produces positive results only when consumer after a meal. It is a possible reason why cases of confronting type 2 diabetes are lower for wine consumers.

Mental health

In large quantities, alcohol consumption has a positive exponential correlation with cases of depression and mental instability. In moderate quantities, defined as less than 7 wine glasses a week by researchers in Spain, wine consumption can reduce depression. The effect surprisingly even extends beyond, with some studies showing that moderate wine consumption can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Studies continue to this day to establish a proper positive correlation between wine consumption and health effects by isolating and fixating all other variables when conducting clinical trials. While you should never take us for our word here, a moderate wine indulgence in parallel with other positive life choices will ensure a healthy lifestyle for you. Finally, check out what wines we have at our restaurant!


info2 - Did you know these 4 health benefits of wine!

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featured2 - These 6 wine selections will bring the world at your footstep

These 6 wine selections will bring the world at your footstep

Throughout the ages, man has always had an inclination for good wine. During the time of the Romans, wine was a luxury only the wealthy could afford. However as times have changed, wine has become something of a commodity. So much so that there are tens of millions of brands out there today that manufacture decent wine.

A great wine has a noticeable taste, be it sweet bitter, sour or spicy. The taste is very much essential to the food that you eat. Meat, for example, pairs perfectly with wine as a general concept. The leaner the meat, the lighter the wine that you should consume. It is for this reason that steaks go well with a rich and flavor intensive red wine. If you want to find out about our food menu, click on the below link.

We have always believed in selecting the best wine directly from the vineyards and serving it to our clients. A meal is never complete without a selection of delicious wine, as Richard puts it. It was for this reason alone that we brought it acclaimed wine taster and blogger Luiz Alberto to our team. He currently works directly with Richard in the food preparation process to make a thorough assessment of which wine blends perfectly with each recipe that we create.

We have a staggering list of more than 150 wine selections in our current portfolio. Here we present to you the crème de la crème of our list.


Wildhaven untamed red blend

Vino nobile di Montepulciano

Valserrano Rioja Crianza



Madeira (Bual and Malmsey)

Sauvignon Blanc


Domaine Jas d’Esclans Cru Classé

Baron de Funes Rosé Garnacha 2015

Château Minuty Rosé Et Or, Provence


This is simply the top of the icing. Our comprehensive and complete list can be found here. We will naturally recommend the wine that pairs perfectly with the food that you consume.

info1 - These 6 wine selections will bring the world at your footstep

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